The Tulsa Greek Festival features an assortment of traditional Greek favorites and new offerings for any appetite!

Introducing a whole new tent:
Visit The Temple of Fire for a fiery & exciting appetizer!


– THIS CHEESE IS ON FIRE!!!!!! Lightly fried then flambed with brandy! (The Greeks invented drama, you know.)

Opa!Coladas & Kefi Lemonade

– If you like Piña Coladas & frozen lemonade… then you’ll love them with Ouzo! You’re sure to find your Kefi with one of these refreshing options! Must be 21 years old or older to enjoy.


– Go for our savory sausage made from our own special blend of pork and spices and served with sautéed peppers and onions on a toasted pita


Greek Salad

– This satisfying salad features: Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, red onions, bell peppers & House-made Greek Vinaigrette


-Meatballs that have been fried to perfection. These delightful Greek bites will have you coming back for more!

The Athenian Special

– A treat for those who just want a bite, enjoy a sampler of feta, olives, dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), and keftedes.


Served in every tent!

Beer, Wine, and Spirits

– Delicious selections imported from Greece. Don’t forget to toast to the weekend with an ice cold shot of Ouzo, Greece’s anise-flavored liqueur! YAMAS! (It means “to our health”) Must be 21 years old or older to enjoy.

soft-drinksSoft Drinks & Water


Classic Gyrogyro

“Classic” – Beef and Lamb gyro meat grilled and served layered in a pita
with veggies and tzatziki sauce.


– Breaded and fried squid served
with fresh lemon and cocktail sauce

Greek Fries

– A Greek twist on an American favorite.
Crispy fries tossed in Greek seasonings topped with feta cheese and served with tzatziki. EVERYTHING’S BETTA WITH FETA!


Kid’s Slushies

– Refreshing and fun fruit-flavored slushies that everyone can enjoy! Only found in Greek Street Eats.




Lamb Dinner

– Roasted Lamb with garlic & herbs, tzatziki sauce, rice & Greek style green beans

souvlakiChicken or Pork Souvlaki Dinner

– Also known as, Shish Kabob, 1 spear of tender grilled chicken or pork on a half pita with rice, green beans, 1 spanakopita & 1 tyropita

souvlakiChicken or Pork on pita

– 1 spear of tender grilled chicken or pork served on a half pita with rice

Green Beansgreen beans

– Stewed in a savory tomato sauce

riceRice Pilaf

– Goes great with pretty much everything

spanis and tyrisSpanikopita and Tyropita

– savory and flaky pastries of filo dough
filled with spinach or cheeses

Tzatziki Sauce

– Refreshing yogurt sauce with cucumber, garlic & dill

Pita Bread

– Lightly toasted flatbread


In the Bakery you can enjoy pastries baked
and prepared right here in Tulsa by our community



– Layers of crispy filo dough and spiced
nutty filling soaked in a sweet syrup

baklava sundaeBaklava Sundae

– Your favorite dessert crumbled atop a scoop
of refreshing vanilla ice cream and drizzled with syrup


– A creamy custard filling inside layers
of filo dough with an orange syrup


– A buttery Greek wedding cookie dusted
with a layer of powdered sugar


– a twisted biscuit cookie that is the perfect
companion to a hot cup of coffee


– a nutty, crumbly holiday cookie


– AKA “Honey Puffs”, Doughy balls of goodness
fried and soaked in honey then dusted with cinnamon


greekcoffeeGreek Coffee

– a very strong, sweet coffee brewed
in a Briki, a small coffee pot


– Greece’s version of an ice coffee,
creamy and shaken, not stirred

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