Dance Groups

Our groups perform dances from the various mainland regions of Makedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Epiros, Roumeli (or Central Greece), Asia Minor as well as dances from Crete, the Ionian, Cycladic, Dodecanese and East Aegean islands. The dancers wear costumes that reflect the range of cultures from region to region.



Our youngest group, “Small Ones” are in kindergarten and first grade.
ellinopoula danceThese “Little Greeks” are in second and third grade.


Young Olympians

asteria costumes
The oldest children’s dance group are the “Stars” of fourth through sixth grades.
young olympian dancers

These teenagers commit their youth and energy to learning and performing some of the most exciting dances from islands like Cyprus.


Alpha Omega

Paradosi Still
This group consists of dancers in college and beyond. They perform the unique dances from Greece’s largest island, Crete.
alpha omega These adults put down their aprons and don a colorful range of costumes to perform their favorite party dances.
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