Menu, Food Descriptions and Taverna

Greek Festival 2016, Tulsa’s Oldest Ethnic Festival
September 15-17, 2016

Greek festival guests can build their own Greek dinner from home-cooked items such as chargrilled chicken or pork shish kabob, gyros sandwich, calamari and any items listed below!

  • Roasted Lamb Dinner
    Delicately seasoned roasted lamb chop served on a bed of Greek rice pilaf with tsatziki sauce (creamy Greek sauce made fresh from cucumbers, yogurt, and garlic) and Greek-style green beans on the side
  • Souvlaki (sue-vlah-kee) (shish kabob)
    Skewered pork OR chicken marinated in our special seasoning and grilled to perfection; served on a bed of Greek rice pilaf.  A Greek Holiday tradition served at every Tulsa Greek festival for 52 years!
  • Gyros (yee-ros) sandwich (traditional style)
    Succulent marinated meat, sliced and served on a pita with sliced onions, tomatoes, and topped with tsatziki sauce (creamy Greek sauce made fresh from cucumbers, yogurt, and garlic)
  • Calamari (kah-lah-mah-ree)
    Greek-style fried squid
  • Greek Salad
    Fresh greens topped with feta cheese, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, pepperoncinis, and seasoned with a Greek olive oil and oregano  dressing
  • Potatoes Riganata
    Potato wedges baked in lemon juice and olive oil and seasoned with oregano
  • Rice pilaf (side order)
    Greek-style, of course
  • Green beans
    Slowly simmered in tomato sauce and onions
  • Spanakopita
    Spinach, feta cheese and spices stuffed in flaky, buttery filo dough, and baked to perfection
  • Tiropita
    An intricate Greek feta cheese mixture, wrapped and baked in buttery filo dough
  • Appetizer Plate
    Tiropita, Spanakopita, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves) – best way to get a taste of Greece!!!

Taverna – Beverages

To rinse the taste of garlic and oregano that accents many Greek foods at Greek Festival, there will be Pepsi soft drinks, Greek wine, bottled water, and beer in the taverna.

Only at Tulsa’s Greek Festival can you enjoy EPSA Drinks, a carbonated non-alcoholic beverage imported from Greece — available in three flavors: lemonade (lemonada), orange (portokolada), and sour cherry (visinida).


Featuring: Mataxa Ouzo!

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